My name is Rodrigo. I am a Ph.D student in the domain of meteorology and environmental physics. I had a Master degree on data science and a engineer diploma on electronic systems.

I speak spanish, french an english fluently and I love programming, not so much as to answer questions and solve problems.

The five years that I pass in a military school and the nearly two years on a ballet school taught me that the beauty of life is get out of your confort zone, experience new things and share what you have learned.

That last thing is what I’m planing to do here, share with you what i have learnt, my work and my thoughts, this is not a tutorial based blog, nor a scientific one, this is a personal blog where i will try to abord a big spectre of subjects that i care of, obviously some of that ones are required to speak in a more technical language, but nevertheless I will try to simplify those concepts to reach a broader audience.

In my career I developed some software, here is a list of some things that i made and maybe they can help you on your work.


I also produce some research and documents that could be of interest to you, here is a list of papers I published, conferences I participed and documents I made: